Introspection: Center

As I gather my thoughts in writing this input, it came upon me of how unoriginal I am of myself. Yes, we are the product of the vast accumulation of influences society has brought us to be. A coalescence of tradition, innovation, crass, idealism, reality and so much more. I realized that having myself understand and empathize with the difference around me, left me bereft of I. Who am I?

Who am I?

Who am I?

Who am I?

There may be a list of words I could jot on paper of what I think I am. However, they don’t seem to be weighted answers. To borrow words from Santa Claus from Rise of the Guardians; none of those words are my “center.” The feeling of anomosity towards your being does leave someone unstable and bereft of one’s ground. It makes a person hollow and dimunitive. You are many but never yourself.

Why does having a center important?

You seem to be thinking deep- and do have your own answer. It might be that for you but the same or different to some. But your center brings out you. To once again quote Claus, “This wonder is what I put into the world. And what I protect in children.” Your center creates, molds and solidifies you. It is what you believe in and what radiates from you to the world.

And most of the time, it is what we forget; worse- what we lose.

I did have my center. I hope to find it once again.

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